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BENEFITS - Training
As the business environment becomes more and more competitive, the demand for screened, well-trained, efficient custodial personnel is increasingly evident.

Training is an integral part of our process. At PMM Companies we believe staff must be trained in the proper use of cleaning chemicals and equipment to avoid damaging facilities. The PMM Companies Training Program divides into three phases:
1. Initial Training
2. On-the-Job Training
3. Continuing Education Programs

Our staff is trained to understand the special needs and terminology of your building. PMM Companies makes sure your facility is always staffed with individuals familiar with your building, even when a regular staff member is unable to work.s

Our entire training program is designed for new employees having little or no exposure to current cleaning procedures. It also serves as re-orientation for more experienced personnel.

Security and safety with the work environment has become a major concern. Assuring the security and safety of custodial personnel as well as your employees is a significant part of our training.
  We have mandatory Safety training programs including MSDS Book updates, plus extensive Emergency Preparedness training.

Our excellent training program develops educated, committed, first-rate workers. We found through extensive research that employees want more than just a "paycheck"" They are eager to grow in their position and want to feel appreciated and recognized.

We target the following areas in our Continuing Education to help each employee excel:
Employee Development. Monthly mandatory training
Mseminars that focus on making the job easier
Mand more efficient.
Educational Classes. PMM Companies frequently sponsors
Mqualified employees in the participation of various
Meducational classes.
Employee Recognition. Through recognition prizes,
Mquarterly newsletters and building of the month
Mcompetition, we provide incentive to learn and excel.

Quality training also leads to growth from within, low turnover rates and a core of knowledge throughout the company.
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