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Quality Control
BENEFITS - Quality Control
At PMM Companies, quality is our number one concern. The company will continually search for ways to improve the level of service provided. We use a system of procedures and communications to ensure all work is performed to the highest standards of the industry.

PMM Companies' Quality Assurance Program incorporates the following basic principles:
Rigid Cleaning Standards
Quality Control Inspections
Management Controls
Customer Feedback

Over the years, we have discovered that our "hands-on" management philosophy has resulted in reducing the number of recurring problems. Cleaning is our business. That's why we assign dedicated managers to perform monthly on-site

inspections to ensure the highest quality. These qualified cleaning professional are able to provide greater objectivity and better quality inspections. No matter how good a crew is, the cleaning quality will drop off over time if nobody checks the work. And checking the work is the only proven way for us to control the quality you receive.

To facilitate communications, we provide detailed reports of our monthly inspections to our President to guarantee efficient, trouble-free service.

We are totally committed to:
Customer Satisfaction
Developing life-long customer relationships
Integrity in all of our actions
Quality performance and exceeding customer expectations
Teamwork and Collaboration
Working with speed, purpose and a sense of urgency
Providing constant attention to detail.

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