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SERVICES - Facility Services

PMM Companies' goal is to provide cost-effective facility maintenance solutions that transform issues into a competitive advantage. Building owners and property managers have made significant investments in their physical assets-their buildings, plants and campuses. Those assets need to be properly maintained to operate efficiently. A well-maintained facility provides occupants with a safe, productive and healthy environment while creating lasting value.

At the heart of a healthy facility is operations and maintenance in its purest form. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, and general services – all are key contributors to an attractive and efficient facility that will accrue value long into the future. PMM Companies Building Engineers perform routine and long-term preventive maintenance on building systems to keep them at optimum operating levels.

PMM Companies is led by seasoned Building Engineers with extensive experience in facilities management. We aggressively work to improve facility management programs and more efficiently utilize existing resources to reduce operating costs and save money.

PMM Companies' Facility Maintenance and Management Division offer a variety of service arrangements for the smallest office suite up to an entire building. Staffing is custom tailored to meetyour needs. Building Engineers are available for the smallest to largest jobs as a cost-effective facilities maintenance and management solution.

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Facility Management
Facility Engineers
Title 17 Boiler Services
Project Management
Construction Management
Preventive Maintenance
Painting and Drywall
Lighting Maintenance
Lighting Retrofit
• Assembling & Moving Furniture: PMM Companies
provides professional furniture assembling/disassembling
Mfor offices and facilities.
• Office Décor Installation: PMM Companies provides
Mprofessional picture/sign hanging pictures and signs
Mfor offices and facilities.
• Window Blind Replacement/Repair: PMM Companies
can assist with all your blind replacement/repairs
Mand getting the necessary parts.
• Snow Removal: PMM Companies can handle all snow
Mremoval from walks, drives, parking lots and roofs.
• Carpentry & Hardware Repairs: PMM Companies can
Massist with all your custom carpentry needs and repairs.
• Flooring Replacement/Repair: PMM Companies
provides professional floor replacement, cleaning
Mand repair services for vinyl and linoleum.
• Ceiling Repairs: PMM Companies provides custom
Mcarpentry services to repair ceilings from water damage,
Mcracked plaster or other damage.
• Electrical Repairs: PMM Companies provides professional
Melectrical repair services including replacing wall
Mreceptacles, and wiring electrical outlets.
• Plumbing Repairs: PMM Companies provides professional
Mplumbing repair services including cleaning different
Mplumbing fixtures, clearing heavy blockages, repairing
Mleaky faucets, installing new faucets.
• Temporary Facility Staffing: PMM Companies provides
Mprofessional temporary staffing to meet all your needs.
• Utility Deregulation: PMM Companies provides
Mprofessional staff to assist you in exploring and
Mimplementing one of the alternate energy providers
Mavailable to help your facility realize energy cost savings.
• Event Set-up: PMM Companies provides professional
Mstaff to manage or assist with your event set-up needs
Mand take-downs.
• Traffic Control: PMM Companies provides professional
Mstaff to manage your traffic flow and parking needs
Mon a permanent or temporary basis.
• FF&E Inventory: PMM Companies provides professional
Mstaff to help manage your Furniture, Fixtures and
MEquipment (FF&E) assets and security through on-site
Minventory audits.
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